Sunday, June 17, 2007

A needful view of the Saviour

"The foundation of every sigh, of every cry, of every groan, of every wish, of every desire, of every true breath of prayer is an experiential acquaintance with the disease [of sin] in its various branches, and a knowledge, an internal knowledge of the depth of the fall, as made manifest in our wretched heart. Thus, when the Lord blesses our souls, and visits us with the discovery of His goodness and love, --- then, comparing what we are, and what we have been, with the riches of His mercy and grace, how it exalts His salvation and sacrifice, and the love, blood, and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in our eyes!" -- J. C. Philpot, 1849

Copied from Shreveport Grace Church bulletin, 16 June 2007

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