Friday, June 22, 2007

Have you seen this missing person?

Haven't been blogging much the last few days. My wife's mother is missing.

Have you seen this missing person? Shirley Hunt has Alzheimer's. She has been missing since Tuesday evening (the 19th), disappearing after walking a short distance from her home.

Shirley Hunt in 72 years old, 5'4" tall, 120 lbs. She was last seen wearing a blue shirt, blue culottes and brown loafers. If you have any information, please call the Rusk County Sheriff's office, 903.657.3581.
Sebusca Persona Perdida
Shirley Hunt caminaba cerca de la area de Good Springs y en el condado de Rusk cuando desaparecio el martes por la tarde de 19 Junio 2007. Senora Hunt es paciente de Alzheimer's. Si a visto a Shirley o tiene una informacion sobre ella, por favor de contactor a la oficina del condado de Rusk Sheriff al 903.657.3581.


clinch64 said...

Robert and Kim,

I had heard about this on the news, but didn't realize the connection until now. We all pray for her safe return soon. May God's hand be upon you.


R. L. Vaughn said...

Thanks, Neil.

P.S. I'll try to get back with you soon on your e-mail question.

Take care and God bless.

Anonymous said...

My dear brother, I am sorry to read this news item on your wife's mother. May the Lord give you all peace, and may it resolve positively.

We know how it feels, having experienced it with Mary's father. He even got outdoors one night, totally nude and over the porch rail. We got a phone call at 3 in the morning to retrieve him.

My prayers are with you.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Thanks for your prayers, Jim.

Anonymous said...

Robert, am surely praying and passing the word along, too.

It is very difficult for me to post anymore. Can't use my old blogger nickname anymore, so I will just go ahead and sign from now on.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Terre, thanks for the prayers.

What happened to your old blogger nickname?

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Ostensibly I "forgot thepassword" but I know that isn't it. Meanwhile I got around to starting a new blogger identity elsewhere so will see if it works here.

Anonymous said...

Only once, though. I had to re-register to post another message. Go figure.