Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Threat to marriage

"The greatest threat to marriage in America today is not the push for homosexual marriage, but rather the current ease with which a married couple can get a divorce." -- Steve Weaver on his blog -- The authority of the king: Jesus and divorce 23 April 2007

I think this statement by Steve Weaver is on target. You can read the entire post by clicking on the link above (this is not an endorsement of his entire position on the divorce/remarriage question).


Anonymous said...

can fault the easy divorce issue all we want, but truly, it is the easy marriage that gives me grief.

If we stuck to what is right in marriage and we refused to just marry people, without indepth discussion, we leave that so-called marriage open to easy divorce.

If I truly love someone, that love remains no matter what. Jesus loved me with an everlasting love,,,not conditional upon my faithfulness. Otherwise, I would be of all men most miserable in my failings.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Jim, I think you bring up a good point -- not enough knowledge/counseling whatever upfront so that a couple knows the gravity and importance what they are about to do.

But in context of present and near present legal changes that threaten marriage, I would have to say that "easy divorce" is a very real problem. I doubt there has been hardly any change in the laws of getting married as far as heterosexual couples go -- certain age, marriage license, etc., etc. But over the past 30 or more years (not sure exactly when) there have been substantial changes making divorce easy when it used to be much harder.