Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This day in 1945


July 19, 1945 - At the direction of Attorney General, Montgomery Ward was seized by United States Army troops because of its refusal to obey National War Labor Board orders. Montgomery Ward chairman Seward Avery was carried out of his office by the troops.


clinch64 said...

Interesting story. Reminds me of the treatment of Japanese-Americans during WW II. Most were required to stay at secluded locations in California, " for their safety and well-being", according to the government. Another example of a story that is not given much attention in the history of America.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just don't get this one at all. I cant comment.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Jim, Montgomery Ward (also known as Wards & "Monkey Wards") was an American department store chain. It, as a mail order business along with Sear, Roebuck, & Co. was a big deal to rural Southern folks when I was growing up. It was founded as the world's first mail order business in 1872 by Aaron Montgomery Ward. The original Montgomery Ward went out of business in early 2001.

I just thought this incident was curious. It would take some more historical research for me to do much commenting on it.