Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jesus is risen. He's alive!

Jesus was killed on a cross, sealed in a tomb, but not stilled! He is alive. He is risen.

Upon the cross Christ hung and died,
And poured on us blood from His side.
He died to save us from our sin,
And make us clean and pure within.

Three hours of darkness veiled the land;
The temple's veil was rent in twain.
Christ died a-shouting victory,
"Tis finished" -- redemption's complete.

They placed Him in a borrowed tomb,
And sealed Him for His final doom.
The stone and guards were but in vain,
For they could not God's Son contain.

Jesus fulfilled three nights and days,
Then He arose and left the grave.
"He is not here," the angel said,
"Why seek ye Him among the dead?"

He's seated now at God's right hand;
Waiting 'til He shall come again.
He's interceding for us there,

And helps us with our feeble prayer.

Long Meter. (© 1993, by author) permission granted for use with proper credit of author and a suggested mention of this site.

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