Saturday, March 18, 2006

Things that accompany salvation

Oh, believe me, it is a great mistake to suppose we should be happy in heaven, if God were to save us from hell, and take us there, without a great change wrought upon our spirits. Yet this is one of the delusions of the day. Carnal sinners are asking God to save them; and on their death beds send for a minister to pray for them, whereas if God were even to grant their requests, their salvation would be no boon. ... But if we have got the things that accompany salvation, we are given a new life, as well as a new heart. We are not content with mere doctrine; we want experience—we want the Lord to bring home His promise to our hearts—we want the blood applied, we want to realize more of the new creature within, and are never, never satisfied with ourselves, but always longing after holiness, though feeling we never attain to it. — William Parks (1809-1867)

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