Saturday, October 14, 2017

Feet washing hymns from Zion's Hymns

No. 210, Page 164.
1. Disrobed of all his heavenly dress,
The Saviour came to earth ;
Cloth'd in a veil of mortal flesh,
And bow'd his head in death.

2. That awful night in which, betray'd,
He introduced the feast,
Which we, my friends, have seen display 'd,
Where each has been a guest.

3. The solemn scene about to close,
To make the whole complete,
He meekly from communion rose
And washed his servants' feet.

4. "To each," he said, "let others do,
As I, your Lord, have done;
The heavenly pattern still pursue,
In form as I have shown."

5. Since Christ has the example set,
And left it on record ;
We'll humbly wash each other's feet,
Obedient to his word.

No. 211, Page 165.
1. Jesus, the Lord who groan'd and died,
Arising from communion sweet
Disrobed, his garments laid aside,
And washed the dear disciples' feet

2. "Know you," he said, "what I have done?
Ye call me Lord, and Master too,—
I have you an example shown,
And as I've done, ye ought to do."

3. See, through this robe, that glorious dross,
Which Christ in love laid humbly by:
Clothed in a veil of mortal flesh,
For man to suffer, bleed and die.

4. Was he begirt with napkin round?
Learn hence that Christ the Lord would be,
While here below, a pattern found-
Servant of all, of you, of me!

5. His washing the disciples' feet,
Proclaims his cleansing, healing power ;
His re-assuming all complete,
The great, the grand, triumphant hour.

6. With Christ our pattern thus in view,
While here we hold communion sweet.
As he commands we'll joyful do,
And meekly wash each other's feet.

From Zion's Hymns by Rufus K. Hearn; Joseph S. Bell; Randolph, Jesse Falkland: Pitt County, NC, 1867.

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