Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Baptist groups in the British Isles

A few years ago I posted a list of Baptist groups in the British Isles. I am updating it here, mostly with links to the groups' web sites, but also with a listing of regional association affiliated with the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Alphabetical listing of Baptists in the British Isles

 I. Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland
II. Baptist Union of Great Britain
         1. Central Baptist Association
         2. East Midland Baptist Association
         3. Eastern Baptist Association
         4. Heart of England Baptist Association
         5. London Baptist Association
         6. North Western Baptist Association
         7. Northern Baptist Association
         8. South Eastern Baptist Association
         9. South West Baptist Association
       10. Southern Counties Baptist Association
       11. South Wales Baptist Association
       12. West of England Baptist Association
       13. Yorkshire Baptist Association
  III. Baptist Union of Scotland
  IV. Baptist Union of Wales (the Baptist Union of Wales is also affiliated with the Baptist Union of Great Britain)  
   V. Grace Baptist Assembly
  VI. Gospel Standard Strict Baptists
 VII. Jesus Fellowship Church
VIII. Old Baptist Union

Note: The Jesus Fellowship Church, aka Jesus' Army, grew out of the Bugbrooke Baptist Church in Northampton after division from the Baptist Union of Great Britain over differences in policy in practice. It is possible that they may no longer consider themselves Baptists. Also, they may not be recognized as Baptists by the other Baptist groups of Great Britain. I do not have enough information to make that determination, so I have continued to include them. There are independent Baptist churches that are unaffiliated and exist apart from any of these groups.

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