Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Selling counterfeits

Some engage in deliberate proliferation of counterfeits. The average Bible teacher is more often only guilty of failing to distinguish between the genuine and the fake. After mining for and finding treasure, it is important that we authenticate that treasure before trying to pawn it to others. Value is in the genuine article. Too often we are so set on finding "something new" that we do not spend the time to authenticate it -- that is, we don't study enough, pray enough, and set it out for inspection by trusted brethren. We just put it on the shelf for all the world to buy. God help us. This is a dangerous game. Teaching is a sacred trust and a formidable responsibility.

Since man by sin has lost his God,
He seeks creation through;
And vainly strives for solid bliss,
In trying something new.

The new possessed like fading flowers,
Soon loses its gay hue:
The bubble now no longer stays,
The soul wants something new.
("Something New" From The Southern Harmony, p. 254)

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