Monday, September 10, 2012

Quotable quotes

(as they say in Reader's Digest)

“The Beatitudes of our Lord do not say, 'Blessed are the orthodox'.” -- Ray Ortlund

"There was nothing my father mistrusted more than 'childhood piety.' He insisted that children should never be taught or allowed to use the language of personal possession' in reference to God. To sing, for instance, "Rock of Ages, cleft for ME" or, "MY Jesus". Herein he was most logical. For by early influence and example you can train up a child to be . . .
a little patriot,
a little Catholic,
a little Calvinist, or
a little Bolshevist.
He took great care that we, his children, attended the means of grace, and never missed chapel or family prayers. But he never expected us to be anything but little heathen. We had, it is true, to be well behaved little heathen. If not, we got "the stick", or its equivalent. But no power on earth can make him a child of God. "Who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man—but of God." John 1:13" -- J.C. Philpot

"It was not so long ago, even in secular Western societies, that a man’s manhood was judged according to the way in which he protected and provided for the women in his life. Only a feminist ideologue surveying the wreckage of American society can really believe that the abandonment of this viewpoint has improved the lot of women and children." -- Robert Rayburn

"How often we have seen young members put off the important things “until I retire;” and when retired, too tired now to do anything but complain about the things they once should have put first while it “was day, for in the night, no man worketh.” I have observed this pattern now for over fifty years of my ministry." -- Stanley Phillips

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