Friday, July 08, 2011

Follow the money

A new Texas law requires doctors performing abortions to show women the results of their sonograms and explain the child and its development. Abortion doctors normally do ultrasounds for their own benefit but don’t usually give women detailed information about it.

A group is bringing suit against this new law. Dr. Alan Braid, an abortion practitioner in San Antonio, objects to the law, saying "My job is not to make the patient feel guilty about her choice or force information on her that she does not want; my job is to care for the patient, act in her best interests, and respect her autonomy. To provide her information that she does not want and that may cause her harm is certainly against my oath as a physician to 'do no harm'."

Unbelievable! A man who is about to snuff out an innocent life invokes the "do no harm" clause!? Might it have more to do with not making a sale than doing no harm? In any other case a doctor would be negligent to not discuss all the details with the patient so she could make informed consent. Why not in this case?

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