Thursday, February 17, 2011

What we say

Today I heard an auto glass commercial promoting fixing dings on the windshield before they crack. Good idea. But the commercial suggested that if you have insurance there is "no cost". Hundreds of dollars a year for auto insurance is "no cost"? I don't think so. Yes, if you have insurance there may be no extra cost to you, but there is a cost.

Right now a lot of people are talking about what they're getting back from the Internal Revenue Service. Some people are. But a person who is receiving more from the IRS than he or she paid in income tax is not getting back (some of what they paid in). That is person is getting someone else's money!

How often I hear someone who has purchased a lottery ticket talking about what he was "won". Do the math! If you just told me you purchased a $5 lotto ticket and won $3 -- hey, you actually just lost two dollars!

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Anonymous said...

When reading this I could not help but think of the prototype religious shyster peddling his goods over the airwaves, even though it is not quite as obvious in how most do it today. They have developed more subtle ways, which to me is even worse.

The standard line would go something like this. "For a $ 15.00 dollar donation you will receive absolutely free, this genuine bottle of crossing brand oil. I guess the blind leading the blind will always apply. I almost forgot something. It was promised that proceeds from the Texas state lottery would go to the educational system. I would say that got side-tracked like a runaway train. At least it got an illustrious political figure elected governor.