Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night By Mabel Berry

What if the skies are sometimes darkened,
And sorrow like drops must fall;
Or, if the song of night be silenced:
God's love and mercy sweetens all.

As woeful gloom and deepened shadows
O'ercome the fearful, trembling heart,
This weakened life my Father knoweth,
And my sorrows bears a part.

And should the glorious dawn awaken,
Upon anxious eyelids which have not slept,
O'er the sorrows of Mary and Martha,
My loving Savior, "Jesus wept."

What, though the body aged and weary,
The night seem long with care and pain;
I would lift the heart and cease my weeping;
His chastening hand works greater gain.

Then let the heavy eyelids awaken;
Oh faithless be still and know;
Let there be no hopeless sighing:
My Father's love ordained so!

Though oft this sinful world astound me,
And naught but wickedness appear
'Tis yet O'er filled with His goodness;
May this blest fact dispel all fear.

Dear Father, I'll look up this morning,
With heart O'er filled with love and praise;
'Tis in love, Thy dear hand chastens;
I'll give Thee thanks for gloomy days.

(Written circa 1999)

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