Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bible makes Baptists

"The Bible makes men Baptists. At a certain wicked town in one of the Southern States, some ministers of different denominations once held a revival. Most of the preachers were Baptists; but talent was on the side of the Pedo Baptists. As a result of the meeting 60 persons professed conversions. Some of those were men of fine learning. Some of them afterwards reached great distinction as servants of their native State. At the close of the services it became a question among the ministers, 'How shall we advise the new convents as to church connection?' It was decided to tell them that as Christians they would make a public confession of Christ, and to give them no further advice. The converts were diligent in searching the Scriptures, and every one of the sixty was immersed a Baptist. This is only one of the many similar cases. Is not the Bible a Baptist book?" -- George D. Benton

(Copied from the Landmark Southern Baptist forum. The above quote is from the article "The Bible a Baptist Book" which was in The Alabama Baptist newspaper on May 24, 1887. We do not recommend ecumenical revivals, but found it interesting that these folks, reading the Bible with an open mind, were made Baptists.)

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