Friday, February 22, 2008

Some useful books on Baptist history

Some useful books on Baptist history by Philip Tait, pastor of Hardwick Baptist Church, Stockton-on-Tees, England

- arranged in roughly chronological order
All published in the UK except for those marked *

* Henry C Vedder A Short history of the Baptists (The American Baptist Publication Society, 1907; reprinted Judson Press, no date shown, but must be about 1970)
* Leonard Verduin The Reformers and their Stepchildren (Eerdmans, 1964; first UK publication, Paternoster Press, 1966)
Jack Hoad The Baptist (Grace Publications Trust, 1986)
Stephen Wright The Early English Baptists, 1603-1649 (The Boydell Press, 2006)
Michael A G Haykin Kiffin, Knollys and Keach: Rediscovering our Baptist Heritage (Carey Publications, 1996)
B A Ramsbottom Stranger than Fiction: The Life of William Kiffin (Gospel Standard Trust Publications, 1989)
Peter Naylor Picking up a Pin for the Lord: English Particular Baptists from 1688 to the Early Nineteenth Century (Grace Publications Trust, 1992)
Robert W Oliver History of the English Calvinistic Baptists 1771-1892 (Banner of Truth Trust, 2006)
B A Ramsbottom William Gadsby (Gospel Standard Trust Publications, 2003)
Geoffrey R Breed Particular Baptists in Victorian England (Baptist Historical Society, 2003)
Kenneth Dix Strict and Particular: English Strict and Particular Baptists in the nineteenth century (Baptist Historical Society for the Strict Baptist Historical Society, 2001)
J H Philpot The Seceders (Banner of Truth Trust, no date shown, but must be 1960s)
* Arnold Dallimore Spurgeon: A New Biography (Moody Press, 1984; first UK publication, Banner of Truth, 1985)

Note: some of these titles are available from Gospel Mission books in Choteau, Montana.

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