Saturday, May 06, 2006

Baptist Accomplishments

John Canne was born sometime around 1590 in England. He was frequently persecuted by his enemies, but very much loved by his friends. Canne organized the Broadmead Church in Bristol, England in 1641, after returning from Holland. The greatest work of Canne's life was his marginal references to the Bible. It was published in Amsterdam in 1637. This monumental work took over twenty years. It was the first English Bible with references throughout. His leading principle was that the Scripture was the best interpreter of Scripture. Canne died in England in 1667.

John Gill was born in Kettering, England in 1697 and died in London in 1771. He was pastor of the Horselydown Church from 1720 through 1771. Gill was almost entirely self-educated, having only a few years of grammar school in Kettering. He left the grammar school rather than be forced to attend the Anglican Church. He taught himself Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. His Commentary on the Whole Bible, which can still be purchased, was published in the years 1746-1768. He is the only individual to comment on every verse of the Bible.

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