Monday, February 27, 2006

The Rationality of Christianity

The following discussion of the rationality of Christianity is written and was sent by Edwin B. Fountain, an ordained elder and member of Lyons Landmark Baptist Church in Lyons, Georgia.

“…a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7

Christianity has been attacked in every possible way. It has been represented as grounded in mental weakness, and a sure sign of intellectual deficiency. Ted Turner said Christianity is the religion of losers. Where mentality is concerned the very opposite of weakness and deficiency is true. Sin is folly; it is the very essence of folly; it is direct and ruinous folly. Christianity is true wisdom it imparts real dignity and is the sure evidence of a sound mind.

A sound mind condemns all that is vain and trifling; so does Christianity. Pleasures, riches, titles and distinctions of this life are all empty, mere show, uncertain and unsatisfactory. Now, while Christianity sheds the true light on these things it also presents spiritual pleasures, heavenly riches, divine titles and distinctions; and gives real, present, and satisfactory good to the soul.

A sound mind avoids credulity and so does Christianity. The credulous believe without, or on imperfect, evidence. They take all for what it is represented to be, such as evolution.

Christianity is based on full and satisfactory evidence -- evidence arising from fulfillment of prophecy, miracles and morality. There is also the goodness, purity, and holy influence that it exerts on the heart, tongue and lives of men, women and children.

Christianity has been sifted, tried and tested by thousands of malignant foes and still stands just as it was when first given, straight forward, moral and above all spiritually alive.

A sound mind is opposed to superstition and so is Christianity. A superstitious person sees every object through some kind of dark medium. Everything is tinged with the distorted peculiarities of his or her own benighted mind. Every service, ceremony or rite is magnified so as to hold the mind in a state of slavish awe and tormenting dread.

Christianity does not present itself truly in any of these forms. Christianity has principles, not mere vagaries. It is not meat and drink, rather it is righteousness, peace and joy in Christ. It is light in the mind, love in the heart and obedience in the whole of one’s life.

A sound mind is opposed to skepticism and so is true Christianity. A skeptic is one who is never satisfied with evidence and remains unbelieving though surrounded by the clear and palpable truth.

A Christian tries what is revealed by searching the Scriptures to see if these things be true and having found the truth delights in it, abides in it and does not sell it. The infidel displays the unsoundness of his mind to a glaring degree when he professes to believe that the world is here by accident: that it governs itself, regulates and preserves itself, that man is nothing but a refined animal, the soul a shade, Christ an imposter, the Bible full of fables and an after-life a dream.

The sound mind of the Christian appeals to the Word of God and on all these subjects takes God’s Word as his sure and unerring guide.

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