Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From Mohler to Hendricks to KJV translators

“The written word can do what the spoken word simply cannot do—sit flat on a page and demand attention.” -- Al Mohler

“People tell me they want to make the Bible relevant. Nonsense. The Bible’s already relevant. You’re the one that’s irrelevant!” -- Howard G. Hendricks

"It is amazing how much light the Bible shines on commentaries." -- Howard G. Hendricks

"The Scriptures we are commanded to search...If we be ignorant, they will instruct us; if out of the way, they will bring us home; if out of order, they will reform us; if in heaviness, comfort us; if dull, quicken us; if cold, inflame us. Tolle, lege; Tolle, lege, Take up and read, take up and read the Scriptures..." -- The King James translators, 1611

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