Thursday, June 11, 2020

How long is long?

Q. How long should a sermon last, in terms of minutes or hours? 

A. In much of the “Western World,” the clock has become the enemy of the pastor and the congregation. Some preachers who are done in five minutes think they must drone on another 20 or 25 minutes to fill the time slot they have been given. Some preachers who are not finished in 20 or 25 minutes will slice off some important things that they should say so the morning service will be over by noon.

There is no biblical evidence that the length of a sermon is important. What is important is its “breadth and depth.” A sermon should last as long as it takes. Content is the important thing. The content should be the truth and the truth should be covered adequately. Was the sermon “long enough” for listeners to hear the truth and comprehend it? If so, that should do it!

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