Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will a Man Rob God

An internal Southern Baptist squabble has brought to my attention two previously unnoticed papers on the subject of tithing.

“Will a Man Rob God?” (Malachi 3:8): A Study of Tithing in the Old and New Testaments

Reconstructing a Biblical Model for Giving: A Discussion of Relevant Systematic Issues and New Testament Principles

These are two parts of the same subject. The first deals with the Old and New Testament verses on tithing, and the second with principles used to support tithing and finally a suggestion for "a more excellent way": or as one of the writers put it -- "...the New Testament contains sufficient guidance for our giving". The papers are written by Andreas Köstenberger (Southeastern Seminary) and David A. Croteau (Liberty University).

A reader at
Bart Barber's blog, commenting on the squabble, wrote, "If any good comes from this whole brouhaha, I hope it will be that a few people will read Croteau and Kostenberger's excellent paper." I hope so, too.

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Anonymous said...

I derive from the scriptures that tithing is not a mandatory act and was intended for the Levites. If a person believes it is a law to be broken, then he must also live like a Levite.

Of course there is nothing wrong with a person giving 10 per cent if their heart is lead in that direction. But i am afraid that so many practice tithing as a ritual. It might be interesting to find out the motive of some who advocate tithing the most. Is it all about doing the work of the Lord?