Sunday, April 08, 2007

Views of Baptist Origins

Outline of various views of Baptist origins, presented in a chronologically-oriented format

  • Continuation

    1. Continuation of biblical teachings (spiritual succession)
    2. Succession of Baptist churches

      1. Church perpetuity
      2. Chain-link succession

        1. Church succession (succession of church organizations)
        2. Apostolic succession (succession of valid ordinations)
        3. Baptismal succession (succession of valid baptisms)

  • Restoration

    1. Converging streams/multiple origins
    2. Influence of Anabaptists
    3. Outgrowth of English Separatism

  • Spontaneous origination

Tomorrow (d.v.) we will begin to look these categories of Baptist origins.


amity said...

Looks my-T fine, Robert!

R. L. Vaughn said...

I couldn't get the Roman numeral three to line up properly, so finally decided to bullet the three main points. Otherwise, it seemed to work out fairly well.