Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Doctrinal food may make us sleepy ;-D

I mentioned in an earlier blog Some men of wise opinions boast. Eld. Mike McInnis found the poem for me and wrote, "Bro. Robert, I found the whole hymn this morning. It is number 169 in the Gadsby is not by Hart as I first thought, but by John Berridge."

Some wise men of opinions boast
And sleep on doctrines sound;
But, LORD let not my soul be lost
On such enchanted ground.

Good doctrines can do me no good,
While floating in the brain;
Unless they yield my heart some food,
They bring me no real gain.

O may my single aim be now
To live on him that died;
And nought on earth desire to know
But JESUS crucified!

Disputings only gender strife,
And gall a tender mind;
But godliness in all its life,
At JESUS' cross we find.

LORD, let thy wondrous cross employ
My musings all day long,
Till in the realms of purest joy,
I make it all my song.

Thanks, Bro. Mike.

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