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List of Baptist hymn books and hymnals 1951--2000

Baptist hymn books and hymnals 1951--2000
  • Sacred Songs and Anthems, E. O. Sellers, Nashville, TN: Broadman Press, 1951
  • American-Hungarian Hymnal/Angol-Magyar √Čnekesk√∂nyv: Choice Selections of New and Old Songs for all Services and Occasions, Hungarian Baptist Union of America, Cleveland, OH: Hungarian Baptist Union of America, 1953
  • Crusade Songs: a Compilation of Standard Hymns, Gospel Songs and Choruses, W. Hines Sims, Nashville, TN: Broadman Press, 1954
  • Baptist Hymnal, Walter Hines Sims, Nashville, TN: Convention Press, 1956 (New editions: 1975, 1991, 2008)
  • North American Hymnal, Paul Wengel, editor, Forest Park, IL: Roger Williams Press, 1956
  • All-American Church Hymnal, Earl Smith and John T. Benson, Nashville, TN: J. T. Benson Publishing Co., 1957
  • New Baptist Song Book, A. B. Conley, 1957
  • Free Will Baptist Hymnal: Hymns and Gospel Songs for Every Phase of Worship, R. N. Hinnant, J. O. Fort, J. C. Griffin, and I. J. Blackwelder, Ayden, NC: Free Will Baptist Press, 1958
  • J. E. Kitchens presents Songs of Zion: both old and new songs for church and family worship and for singing schools, J. E. Kitchens, Birmingham, AL: by the author, n.d. circa 1959
  • American Baptist Hymnal: Four hundred sixty-four Selections of Hymns, contemporary Songs and Responsive Readings, Spiritual, Practical and Resourceful for use in all Church Services, Youth Meetings and Revivals, Baptist Sunday School Committee, Texarkana, AR-TX: BSSC of the American Baptist Association, 1960
  • Primitive Baptist Hymnal: a Choice Collection of Gospel Songs, both Old and New, Suitable for Religious Worship, Len Dalton and Helen Beauchamp, Midwest City, OK: Baptist Trumpet, 1961
  • The Baptist Hymn Book, Hugh Martin, London: Psalms and Hymns Trust, 1962
  • Free Will Baptist Hymn Book, National Association, Nashville, TN: National Association of Free Will Baptists, 1964
  • National Primitive Baptist Church Hymn Book, National Primitive Baptist Convention of the U.S.A. Hymn Book Committee, Huntsville, AL: National Primitive Baptist Publishing Board, 1964
  • The Pilgrim's Hymnal, Valdosta, GA: The Pilgrim's Hymnal Publishing Company, 1964 (update of W. H. Crouse’s 1908 hymnal)
  • General Baptist Hymn Book, General Association of General Baptists, Poplar Bluff, Mo: General Baptist Education and Publications, 1965
  • Hymns and Songs of the Spirit, Ellwood S. Wolf, Valley Forge, PA: Judson Press, 1966
  • Hymns of Faith and Fellowship: a Special Services Hymn Book for evangelism, worship, inspiration and all youth activities, Donald F. Crowhurst, Shirley A. Holman and Brian H. Thitchener, Sydney: Australian Baptist Board of Evangelism, ca. 1966
  • The Master's Call: Church Songs and Hymns, Woodrow P. Spiers, Denham Springs, LA: W. P. Spiers, 1966
  • Worship and Service Hymnal: for Church, School and Home, Donald P. Hustad, Special Edition for the Baptist General Conference, Chicago, IL: Hope Publishing Company, 1966
  • Faithway Church Songs and Hymns, No. 2, G. V. Hamilton, Varnado, LA: G. V. Hamilton, 1967
  • Golden Harp Hymns: a Choice Collection of Gospel Songs, both old and new, suitable for all occasions, Lawrence Rice, Lovington, NM: New Mexico Baptist Monitor, n.d. (by or before 1967; probably first published in the 1950s)
  • The Master's Call Favorite Songs, Woodrow P. Spiers, Denham Springs, LA: W. P. Spiers, 1967
  • The Master's Call Select Songs, Woodrow P. Spiers, Denham Springs, LA: W. P. Spiers, 1967
  • Hymns of Grace: a Choice Collection of Hymns Honoring and Promoting the Reigning Grace of God, Roswell, GA: Primitive Baptist Foundation, 1968
  • Hymns for the Space Age, Edward E. Chipman, Lebanon, CT: Myers Press, 1969
  • Hymnbook for Christian Worship, Charles H. Heaton, Valley Forge, PA: Judson Press, 1970
  • New Hymns for the 70s, Nashville, TN: Broadman Press, 1970
  • Living Hymns: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of Faith, Alfred B. Smith, 1972 (2nd edition, Lancaster, CA: Striving Together Publications)
  • Old Regular Baptist Song Book, Ashland, KY: Baxter Osborne and Roy B. Akers, 1972
  • Soul Stirring Songs & Hymns, John R. Rice and Joy Rice Martin, Murfreesboro, TN: Sword of the Lord Publishers, 1972
  • The FBC Selection of Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs, Frankston Baptist Church, Frankston (AUS): Frankston Baptist Church, 1972
  • The Hymnal, Carol M. Giesbrecht, Brantford, ON: Baptist Federation of Canada, 1973
  • Praise for Today, E. P. Sharpe, London: Psalms and Hymns Trust, 1974
  • Grace Hymns, London: Grace Publications Trust, 1975
  • Great Gospel Songs and Hymns for Free Will Baptists, Special edition, Bill Gaither, Nashville, TN: Randall House, 1976
  • Progressive Baptist Hymnal, D. E. King, Washington, DC: Progressive National Baptist Convention, 1976 (special edition of the Broadman Hymnal)
  • The New National Baptist Hymnal, National Baptist Publishing Board, Nashville, TN: R. H. Boyd Publishing, 1977
  • Hymns and Songs of Joy, Raymond Collins, Little Colly Regular Baptist Church, Tillie, KY: n.p., circa 1978
  • Anchored in the Rock of Ages Song Book, Don Marsh, Liberty Baptist College, Paragon Associates, 1979
  • Free Spirit: a Songbook that will inspire you to Sing with a New Spirit, Nashville, TN: National Baptist Publishing Board, 1979
  • Great Hymns of the Faith, Special Edition for Bogard Press, Texarkana, TX: Bogard Press, Grand Rapids, MI: Singspiration, Inc., 1968 (n.d. Special Edition circa 1980)
  • A Book of Hymns, J. F. and J. R. Lilly, Atwood, TN: Christian Baptist Publishing Co., 1981
  • Missionary Songs, Dan Truax, Greenville, SC: Tabernacle Print Shop, 1981
  • Gospel Favorites: a Collection of Gospel Songs Suitable for Every Occasion, Mike Brumfield, Las Cruces, NM-Franklinton, LA: Mike Brumfield, 1982
  • Old Baptist Songs We Sing at Southern Home, Tommy Adair, Sparr, FL: Church of Jesus Christ of Old Regular Baptist called Southern Home, 1985
  • The Berea Baptist Hymnal, Milburn Cockrell, editor, Mantachie, MS: Berea Baptist Church, 1986
  • Old Regular Baptist Songs & Hymns, compiled by Paul Hudson, [n.p.] 1986
  • Old Regular Baptist "Songs of Zion" 1987, Swords Creek, VA: n.p., 1987
  • On the Road: sixteen songs for the Christian community to sing, Ross Langmead, Melbourne: Ross Langmead, 1987
  • Some of our Favorite Songs, C. B. Smith, Dwale, KY: Arrow Printing Co., 1988
  • Some of our Favorite Songs, Hollybush, KY: Hollybush Regular Baptist Church, 1987
  • Songs of the Saved, Luther K. Pulliam, King, NC: Trustees of King Baptist Mission Church, 1987
  • Songs of Grace, Don Fortner, Rochester, NY: Backus Book Publishers, 1988
  • Baptist Hymnal 1991, Nashville, TN: Convention Press, 1991
  • Baptist Praise and Worship, Music Edition, Psalms and Hymns Trust, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991
  • Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship, Peter Masters, London: Wakeman Trust, 1991
  • The Baptist Hymn Book, Dorothy Osborne, Ashland, KY: by the author, 1991 (possibly a reissue or revision of Old Regular Baptist Song Book by Baxter Osborne and Roy Akers)
  • The Baptist Song Book, Bobby Scott, Jackhorn, KY: Johnson Printing, 1991
  • Little Book of Favorite Hymns: designed as a supplement for the Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book by John R. Daily, Carthage, IL: Primitive Baptist Library, 1993
  • Rejoice: the Free Will Baptist Hymn Book, Nashville, TN: Music Commission of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. 1995
  • Our Little Hymnal, Ellenwood, GA : Old School Hymnal Co., 1996
  • Trinity Hymnal, Baptist Edition, Robert S. Marsden, Suwanee, GA: Great Commission Publications, 1996
  • Majesty Hymns, Frank Garlock, Greenville, SC: Majesty Music Inc., 1997
  • In Spirit and In Truth: a Worship Hymnal, ABA Hymnal Committee, Texarkana, AR-TX: Bogard Press, 1998
  • Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs, Joe B. Nesom, Cape Coral, FL: Founders Press, 1998 (reprint 2004)
  • Grace Praise, Dafydd Wynne Hughes, Christchurch, NZ: Grace & Truth Publications, 1999
  • Songs & Hymns of Revival, Santa Clara, CA: North Valley Publications, 1999
  • Missions Conference Song Book, compiled by R. A. MacDonald, Safford, AZ: New Testament Baptist Church, n.d., circa 2000
  • Songs of Faith, H. Neal & Claudel B. McKenzie, Mars Hill, NC: Double Oak Press, 2000


Sandy said...

I enjoyed your list, but I wanted to add a couple of books.
1) The Old School Hymnal, published by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. Conley GA., Birmingham, AL and Cincinnati, OH. The first edition was in about 1920 and it continued for 11 editions. I own some #10s, copyright 1964, published April 1976, and some #11's copyright 1983, published Dec., 1988.
2)The Primitive Baptist Hymn & Tune Book compiled by Elder John R. Daily, owned and published by Earl and Wm. T. Daily,Indianapolis, IN. In a letter in the front from John R. Daily dated Sept,1918 it says that nearly 40,000 copies had been sold since it started. It doesn't say when it started. The copy I have was purchased in the 1970's. We used it at our Primitive Baptist Church until I moved in 1979, but I think they still use it.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Sandy, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I'm glad to get all the information I can. I have Elder Daily's books listed HERE. Best I could find the first edition came out in 1902, so I put it there -- though it has been reprinted many times up to the present. I think the 1920 date is correct, as best I can tell, for the first Old School Hymnal. I listed it, but didn't try to list all the various editions since I don't know enough to know which are different and which might just be a reprinting of the same book. I look forward to any other information you might have on any song books (or any other topic, for that matter). Have a good evening and blessed Lord's Day.